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Have a Go

My mother had more enthusiasm than skill when it came to crafts. Some might say that runs in the family. *Grin*

Mum told me, with a measure of pride, about the quilt she had made, but I hadn’t seen it until it arrived at my house after she died.

Grandma's Quilt 01

It is truly the most imperfect of objects. Fabric is puckered and there is nary a straight line in sight. The backing is part of an old pre-quilted floral bedspread. There’s no binding, it’s just sewn together and, hell, it’s not even close to actually being a rectangle.

But oh my goodness, it is so beautiful and the moment I saw it, I fell in love with it with my whole heart, not just because it’s a treasured legacy, but simply because it’s a beautiful object. All those imperfections don’t detract at all from that beauty. If anything, they bestow an endearing charm that makes me smile as I think fondly of Mum. I can almost hear her muttering, “Bugger!” under her breathe as that fabric began to pucker.

Grandma's Quilt 02

So I’m grateful that my mum had a go and made her first quilt and that I have it here as an eloquent reminder of the lovely, imperfect person that she was.

Inspired by her quilt, one of my goals this year is to make a most imperfect first quilt of my own. Not mandatory, but desirable would be swearing under my breathe in tribute as my machine meanders drunkenly in raffishly crooked lines.

Grandma's Quilt 03

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